Adobe Campaign: What is it and how can YOU use it?

Running both a direct mail and email marketing campaign can be a rather daunting task, so naturally you would want a program that takes some of the difficulty out of it. One such program that is available is Adobe Campaign, which recently came out with some updated features. With this program, you will be able to ensure you have an optimal email marketing scheme so that you can focus your efforts almost exclusively on your direct mail campaign.

Below, I shall discuss some of the features within Adobe Campaign so that you can properly judge if it is the right program for you.

An Integrated Profile

You will be able to bring together all the information you have on a consumer into one place. This means you can integrate both the online and offline data together so that you can build a truly personalised message that the consumer can relate to. Personalising the message you put out to consumers would take far too long to do by yourself. With this program, most of the work is done for you and all that is left is to analyse the compiled data and create an email that has the greatest chance to bring in the most customers.

Planning and Executing

Being able to plan your campaigns over an extended period of time can help you optimise the number of customers you get from each email. Not only can you plan for when your emails send, but you can also manage plans, budgeting and results in a single environment. With these plans in place, it only takes the press of a few buttons to execute them and send your advertisement through multiple devices. Furthermore, you also have the option of automating your campaigns based on how consumers react to your advertisement. This will also increase the individual will end up doing business with you.

Easily Identify Customers

Adobe promise that with the profiles created on your consumers, you will ‘hit the bull’s eye’ every time. You will be able to effectively identify your customers and how exactly you can adjust your campaign to suit them the most. Adobe Campaigns can build these profiles in real time meaning the deals you offer consumers are relevant all the time. Contacts are also automatically added or removed as the profile of consumers change, decreasing the amount of emails going to unused accounts and increasing the chance that your email will be opened.

Data Analysis

Above, I stated all that is left for you to do after a consumer’s data profile has been created is to analyse the compiled data. However, Adobe Campaign is able to do even this too! It claims to allow you to manage, test and analyse your insights without the need of an expensive data model expert. It also has the capabilities to build reports that are easy to understand and which give insights into consumer interaction data in real time.


Hopefully, you have just found a program suitable for use within your business. I hope you are able to utilise Adobe Campaigns to its fullest potential to allow you to focus on other aspects of your marketing campaign.


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