Best Marketing Campaigns: Videos

Struggling to create a successful marketing campaign? Researching successful advertisements or campaigns can really help point out what works and what doesn’t can give your business a good kick start. Here are a few examples of what has worked in the past.

Volvo Trucks


This advertisement went viral due to its shocking nature. Actor Van Damme performed a split on two moving Volvo trucks, with each foot on one of the side mirrors. The aim of this commercial was to highlight the stability and precision of the vehicles, which it did successfully. If your business can afford it, you should definitely consider hiring a famous actor to star in one of your advertisements.



In 2003, Crusha released this advert for their milkshake mix. The catchy music and cute cats displayed in the video are able to easily capture the audience’s. This type of advert works especially well on kids. The idea of cats playing instruments is so silly and funny that it makes the advertisement very memorable, which is why people still remember this advertisement today.



The gorilla advert by Cadbury’s remains as one of the most iconic video commercials of all time. The aim of this video was simply to be memorable. Cadbury’s chocolate was not shown at all with the gorilla playing the drums – it was shown only on the outro of the video. The ridiculous nature of the video and the famous song played in the background is why this video will go down in history as one of the greatest advertisements of all time. Any time you think of a gorilla playing drums, you’re probably thinking of Cadbury’s.



The roller-skating babies of this advert created an unforgettable moment in television advertisement history. A common theme between all these videos you’ll notice is that they all try to show something shocking or funny. Though the content of the video doesn’t have to relate the product, as long as its memorable and the brand is shown at the end, people will remember the product too.


And there you have it! Comedy and absurdity in video advertisements can be a great way to captivate an audience’s attentions and ensure they remember your product, maximising the probability they do business with you.


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