Why Direct Mail is BETTER Than Ever!

In today’s age of digitalising everything from letters to entire shops, it can be tempting to opt for electronic-mail marketing. However, as I demonstrated by showing its strong future in my previous article, direct mail marketing is here to stay. In this article, I will be highlighting the contributing factors to direct mail’s success.


One of the major reasons for direct mail still being the preferred1 form of advertising to receive is its credibility over other forms of advertising. Whilst pop-up advertisements and banners on websites often lead you to getting a virus, with a mailshot, you know you are getting the real deal. For this reason, consumers are very likely to ignore internet adverts whereas they will more than likely look through their mail pieces.

Lack of Competition

As stated in a previous article, one of the great advantages of using direct mail marketing over electronic-mail marketing is the fact there is much less competition. Because of this, the few businesses that still use direct mail marketing have gotten lazy and are only sending out generic leaflets. This provides you with an excellent opportunity. By creating a very innovative and exciting piece, your mailshot will easily shine above the rest and you are much more likely to be noticed by a consumer. There are a greater range of options available for your mail piece to choose from today meaning it is easier than ever to choose something different and something that will intrigue a consumer.

Increased Immediate Response Rate

The physical nature and personal touch attached with every direct mail piece you manufacture and distribute ensure you a much greater response rate than from an email piece. In fact, an investigation by QuantumPostcards2 discovered that 79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately whilst only 45% of people act on email immediately. With direct mail, you don’t need to send out as many pieces as through emailing to get a high level of responses and therefore sales.

Consumer Emotional Engagement

There is just something about receiving a physical piece of mail that makes it so much better to receiving another generic email. Consumers will feel much more value receiving a physical mail-shot with an item such as a calendar or notepad as it feels much more personal and makes it feel like you catered that one mail piece specifically for them. From that same investigation by QuantumPostcards, they discovered that 23% more people value something they can see and touch over something they can only see. This means by sending a physical mailshot, you increase the consumers emotional engagement with you and increase their likelihood of doing business with you.


There you have it folks. Direct mail is still here and better than it ever has been before which is exactly why you should start advertising through the mail!


1Study by DMN: https://www.dmnews.com/social-media/study-fifty-percent-of-consumers-prefer-direct-mail-to-email/article/217968/

2Infograph by QuantumPostcards: https://www.quantumpostcards.com/blog/the-resurgence-of-direct-mail


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