FOUR Direct Mail Ideas for Christmas!

Direct Mail Ideas for Christmas

I know what you’re thinking, Christmas already?! We’ve not even had Halloween yet! Well there’s absolutely no harm in being over-prepared! Plus most of these four direct mail ideas for Christmas could be applied to other times of the year also.

We’ve decided to bring you a couple of direct mail ideas for using around the festive period. As I’m sure you are aware, the festive period means business – big business! Statistics for the previous year found a 12% increase in spending over the Christmas period from the previous year in the UK1. This increase is expected to be seen again this year, so how can you make sure it’s your business that is benefiting from all the spending?

Number ONE on our list is the use of promotional catalogues!

This is not one to be ignored, according to the USPS and reported by DMN3, almost 60% of online shoppers enjoy receiving catalogues2. Think about it, if you receive a catalogue in the post advertising some great deals for Christmas, do you tend to flick through it or do you ignore it? I know I personally often flick through and see what’s on offer. There’s still something nice about the tangibility of an actual catalogue as opposed to scrolling through pages of products online.

SECOND on our list is the inclusion of a seasonal reward or promotion.

shutterstock_226238968As discussed, Christmas is a costly time of year for everyone. One way you can stand out from the crowd is by offering an incentive your competitors may not be. Try and make your customers feel like they are getting a great deal from you and that way they may be more inclined to buy from your business.

Even if the reward incentive simply grabs their attention, the same USPS study from before revealed that direct mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more than non-direct mail recipients2!

THIRDLY we have included the idea of hosting a Christmas event. Send out invites in the mail or put up flyers.

This event can be done in-store if possible, or if not, why not take to the streets. Everyone loves the idea of a little Christmas party, why not bring this to your business. Offer Christmas themed snacks or drinks to customers. I don’t know about you, but I always jump at the chance for a free snack!

Think about times you’ve walked through town and seen a stall handing out free samples, are they not always swarmed with people?! By sending out a direct mail piece advertising this Christmas event, you are drawing people in with the invitation of something free. Thereby, also capturing their interest to advertise your business.

FINALLY, offer a competition.

Send out or hand out a direct mail piece advertising a Christmas competition. Perhaps customers can win a great hamper just in time for the festive period? This can be a good way to gain customer addresses. Have a short form for them to fill in with their details in case they win.

If you offer a prize that is related to your business, you know that the majority of people who sign up to win are interested in whatever it may be that you are selling. This means you are gaining valuable customer details that can be targeted at a later date with further direct mail campaigns!

So there you have it marketeers, four direct mail ideas for Christmas. As said, most can be applied at other time of the year also. There’s no harm in planning ahead for the festive period though, so we hope these ideas have given you some inspiration!





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