Mailshots: Paper Weights and Media Types

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A quick and simple guide to mailshot paper weights and recommended media types:

Mailshot Paper Weights

Mailshot Paper Weights

Depending on what you’re creating, different paper densities may be required. Below is a list of typical range of paper densities in GSM (grams per square metre) with examples of uses for each density range.

35-55 GSM: Usually for newspapers. Since newspapers have a lot of pages and don’t last a long time, a small density is better.

90 GSM: Usually for the inner pages of magazines. Still needs to be thin so the magazines aren’t too large, but thick enough that the pages don’t easily rip.

130-170 GSM: Usually for a good quality poster. A slightly greater GSM will ensure the poster lasts a long time.

170-300 GSM: Usually for brochures. Though thicker ones would last longer, you may need a smaller density if your brochure is rather large, so that all the pages fold over to produce a brochure that lies flat.

350-400 GSM: Usually for business cards. This would be considered thin card and choosing this density could give your business a good look. However, the thickness of it means that it is not ideal if you plan to create something like a brochure.



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