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In my last article, I discussed ways to improve the response rates to your direct mail pieces. This entry will therefore be a follow-up to that article as I will be highlighting how you can track the level of responses to your direct mail piece. Tracking response levels should be key within your business as it allows you to see whether your mail piece is working and can potentially highlight areas of improvement within your advertising campaign.


Although it might seem a bit old-fashioned, consumers still enjoy ordering products/services on the phone so including a phone number they can contact is a necessity. In fact, a 2015 study by the DMA discovered that businesses received the greatest number of responses through telephoning – with a response rate of 9-10%1 of people utilising that medium. The great thing about phone calls is that since you are directly speaking to the customer, you can ask where they obtained your business’s number from.


Including your business’s website on any sort of advertisement you put out there is a must. Once you have included the URL on the mailshot, you can monitor the amount of hits your site receives whilst comparing it to the site’s activity during previous months. If you are also advertising via other means, then it might be beneficial to create a dedicated URL: a URL found only on your mailshots that will still lead to the same website but will allow you to see exactly how many people reached your website via direct mail.


Including vouchers with mailshots is a great way of attracting new customers. Who doesn’t want a great deal? Vouchers work so well because they entice the customer with great deals and act like a business card, encouraging consumers to do business with you. A 2011 study by Statista discovered that 93%2 of households used vouchers with their shopping, so including a voucher would definitely be worth it. On top of that, they’re very cheap to manufacture and it is extremely easy to monitor how many of the vouchers have been cashed in and from that you can see if the amount cashed in correlates with rising sales.


Comparing your monthly sales/revenue before and after sending out your direct mailshot will allow you to have an idea on whether sending out the mailshot was worth the money you spent on it. However, although this method costs no money, it is not as accurate as other methods as you cannot see the precise number of people that have responded  to you from your mailshot and can only have a general idea to whether or not your sales have risen because of it.


So there you have it – four easy ways to track the responses from your direct mail piece. You should always be checking if your direct mail piece is effective and thinking of new ways to improve it, and tracking the responses to your existing mail piece is the first step to improving it.





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