Added Value Mail Services

As well as great service and well-produced mail added value mail services are available to every Sharp Cat client. Added value mail services deliver more for your money. Completely free of charge, clients have emailed to say that the extras are “useful”, “unique” and “very informative”.

Added value mail services are one of the reasons that clients say that they like working with Sharp Cat. They scored 2nd in a postal survey of what matters most. Added value mail services are completely free of charge.

  1. Trees for Life

Every time a mailing is posted, a completely new tree is planted. All the trees go into the Trees for Life UK forest restoration project. This means that every mail communication makes a positive difference. Plant a Tree for Free also comes complete with an annual update showing how many trees have been planted by organisation. 

  1. Two Account Managers

Have you ever found it difficult to make contact with a supplier? This doesn’t happen at Sharp Cat because every client is assigned two named Account Managers to take care of their mailing. This simple method keeps you fully communicated throughout your mailing and in between projects. 

  1. PIRS

The new Postal Information Reports are the most comprehensive that we know about. They cover all of the essential facts and figures about your mailing. The reports also include visuals of the items enclosed, a map of the area mailed, plus the front view of your mailing piece.

View a sample PIR’s report here.

Clients have said that they ‘really like the level of detail’ and that PIRS provides a ‘perfect back copy reference for completed mailings’.

Other advantages of PIRS are that they:

-Enable you to easily locate the full details about any back issue copy of any mailing.

-Provide a permanent visual reference about the look of your mail.

  1. Mail Tracking

Each client mailing is accompanied by one or more Sharp Cat track-packs to one or more destinations.

Tracking your mail in this way a) monitors delivery and b) provides factual dates of receipt. Dates of receipt are logged back in a mail management system that keeps a watch on the delivery speed of each client mailing.

  1. Mailing More

PIRS and Mail Tracking provide a charity benefit too because they provide 50 pence each to the Mailing More scheme. Mailing More is a collection of donations assigned to several charities, usually smaller-sized.

In 2017 Naomi House Children’s Hospice, Katz Castle Animal Rescue, Crisis and Redwings Horse Sanctuary all received donations. This year The Cinnamon Trust, Childline and Battersea Dogs Home will also benefit.

  1. Mailing Returns

Updating your database with Sharp Cat is very easy.

Simply opt-in to the returns management scheme. Then, every month all of your gone away and undeliverable mail will be flagged back to you in a single data file with a flag stating the reason for return.

The returns service also provides a generic Postal Administration returned mail address. This handy service keeps old posting packs out of your office space and new data updates coming in.

It’s easy to do and there’s absolutely no obligation to take your quotation further.

You won’t be bombarded with relentless follow ups.

You will be able to see if you are getting the best mail services.

If you are, then great. And if you aren’t then even better, because Sharp Cat will provide you with added value on top.

For a professional print service and well produced mail email Sharp Cat today.

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Do you need an assured GDPR mailing house that will produce your mail professionally, meeting deadlines and requirements? Or do you just want to check that you are getting the best mail service from your current mail house?

Find out by emailing for a quotation. Or if you prefer the telephone then call 01256 740 577 and speak with a friendly Account Manager.

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