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The Story of Sharp Cat

Back in 2002 the effigy of Sharp Cat print and mail services was created. At first just a set of pencilled sketches, Sharp Cat set out in the world to challenge poor quality mail and set the highest standards. At that time ‘smaller’ sized mailings of less than 10,000 pieces were overlooked in favour of mass mailing. Often innovative, the Sharp Cat emphasis has always been on strong systems and people. Having an in-house systems analyst right from the start helped expand IT into exceptional data services.

Fast forward to 2019 and standards across all mailing companies have risen so far that clients can expect a good service wherever they go. So what does Sharp Cat do differently?


We supply a mail service with unique and free of charge services. These include, mail reports, mail opt out and most recently, trees. At the last count 1,836 trees have been planted. A number of clients use the mailing completion reports as a back copy reference because mail pack images are included.

Sharp Cat has a strong track record of referrals and recommendations. We feel privileged to be a preferred supplier of print and mail for many professional clients across multiple industries.

All Part of the Sharp Cat Service

1. Mailing completion reports. These confirm the mail posted and the dates as well as 8-pages of imagery and information.

2. Returns management. Returned mail is data captured and supplied in CSV/Excel like clockwork every month.

3. GDPR Mail Opt Out. mailoptout.co.uk means that anyone on any client database can easily unsubscribe. An essential part of good GDPR practise.

4. New trees. One tree is planted into ancient UK forests per mailing. A running tally on mailing reports shows the total trees planted.

For continuous communication every client is assigned x2 Account Manager contacts. This ensures all day coverage. As well as scheduling mailings. Account Managers  provide a resource of print and mail information.

Common Questions About Mail

What's the advantage of ordering print and mail in one?

What’s the most problematic print colour? Red? Surprisingly it is blue! Will the ink coverage dry in the time allotted? How will the finished envelopes look when they arrive at desks and door mats? By supplying combined print and mail services Sharp Cat produces the best result for a balance of practicality and design.

What's the Best Postage for Bulk Mail Services?

It depends upon the size, weight and delivery service required! DSA (Down Stream Access) companies are competing for postage business alongside Royal Mail. As a result postage has become complicated with a wide choice of products and prices. To offer clients the right postal carrier for the format, weight and delivery speed of each mailing Sharp Cat has contracts with the top DSA companies as well as Royal Mail.

Weight of Mail Pack, Why Does it Matter?

Sometimes choosing the best design and paper stock can help cut mailing costs by half. For example, the postage difference between a Large Letter at 101g and a Letter at 100g is significant. Size matters too, as exceeding the maximum width pushes mail packs into higher product bands.

How to Stay Ahead in Mail Services in an Ever Changing Technological World?

Taking part in forums and workshops from industry leaders brings the newest mail and print knowledge into the reach of our clients. Every year Royal Mail makes product changes. The latest product introduced is partially addressed mailing.

Let’s Create Your Print and Mail!


Sharp Cat is an established mailing house that aims to supply added value mail and print services that are trusted, current and professional.
The company aspires to maintain its ethos of an eco-friendly business that exceeds environmental and service expectations.



Provide clients with knowledgeable account support.
Engage committed production people to supply first class print and mail.
Attain positive feedback from all interested parties and client referrals.
Exceed competitor eco-friendly practices.
Supply added value by providing innovative and relevant add-on mailing services.

Green Mail Services

Green is right at the heart of every-day mail services:

Ecological practices:

  • FSC, PEFC accredited papers and card stocks for printing
  • Part-recycled and full-recycled options
  • ISO 14001:2015 environmental quality system – UKAS level
  • Data updates for savings on obsolete print and post
  • Digital personalisation to reduce short-run surplus waste
  • Royal Mail Sustainable Mail 
  • Carbon Trust working practices


  • Recycling stations for every department
  • IT hardware recycling
  • Toners and ink consumables recycling
  • Non-personalised paper and worn card recycling
  • Personalised paper secure shredding and recycling
  • Good condition cartons reuse for extra life span
  • Pallet shrink and wrap recycling
  • On site composting for leftovers and tea bags
  • Unique community pallet recycling scheme
  • New forest trees planted, x1 with each and every mailing

We’re a green team and we’re always adding more. 

We want the ecological credibility of your print and mail to be first rate.


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Questions or enquiry? We'd love to hear from you so please send us a message and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.


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