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High quality laser printing, inkjet printing, digital printing and litho combined with cutting-edge mailing

There’s no longer any need for the complexity and expense of separate print services. Instead, why not opt for efficient mailing combined with print services of uncompromising quality? All in one single order.

Laser print, laser printing, inkjet print, inkjet printing


Digital print

Digital printing is perfect for low-volume runs. It also has the option of personalisation too.

Digital print has very specific mailing advantages:

•    Only the exact quantity required is printed, keeping wastage low.
•    Designs can be changed with ease. This means that it is easy to incorporate multiple design versions into a project in a cost-effective way.
•    More formats can be accommodated than laser printing which is flat sheet only.
•    If extra copies are needed after the main print run digital print is good for easy, quick to produce, low cost run-ons
•    When compared with litho printing has a low per unit price for short print runs.

Digital printing is a good choice for smart, professional short run print. Digital print can be generic or personalised.

Inkjet print

Inkjet printing is a versatile process for printing address data onto a wide range of material.

Booklets, thick card and a range of sizes and to some extent, shapes can be addressed by inkjet. Silk and even gloss media can also be personalised.

Addressing envelopes is the most common personalisation that inkjet printing is used for. High quality HP inks give a professional finish.

The new M1 inkjet printing technology provides brilliant colour and also enables artwork to bleed right up to the edge. This means that the cost of short run full colour envelopes is now within budget reach. M1 colour inkjet also has a superior print quality compared with traditional mono. The quality is so good that it is comparable to laser printing.

Message on an envelope

Colour inkjet printing can help to emphasise a message on an envelope. Because inkjet is a personalised process, messages can also be made unique to each recipient.

Messages don’t have to be written words. They can also be variable pictures. Variable image printing is a clever technology that personalises each envelope by image as well as text.

Free of charge quality samples are available by emailing For standard black inkjetting ask for A1 mono and for superior colour inkjetting ask for M1 full colour.

Laser print

Laser printing provides a high-quality, highly personalised option that is ideal for letters and single sheet stationery.  High-end Xerox and Lexmark lasers print crisp text and images onto from A6 to A3.

Laser print is commonly used for making up financial reports, functional informational booklets and simple flyers. The most popular laser print use is the letter format. In addition letterhead can be produced at the same time as text printing. This is very good for cost savings and waste reduction on small print runs. Moreover, the two in one process is much faster than printing letterhead separately and then personalising on top with an overlay.

Laser printing has the flexibility to include extra personalised variables as well as address details at no additional cost. Some letters have complex financial, personal or business details to be added.

As with all personalised print, PDF Proofs and Job Plans are sent to clients for approval to amend or proceed. Account Manager’s are on the look out for author errors. It can be easy for simple typos to slip through. That’s why they’ll let you know if anyone notices potential mistakes in your laser print copy.

There are no charges for making amends and reproofing.

Litho print

Lithographic printing is a top quality print process that has been the traditional workhorse of printing services. Using computer-to-plate technology, modern litho print produces consistently beautiful print.

Printed items that are regularly litho printed include booklets, leaflets, flyers, mailers, folders, newsletters and postcards.

More creativity with artwork is possible than ever because the choice of print comes in a range of formats with optional finishes.

Litho printing remains the best choice for quality and cost for longer print runs of generic items.

If you’d like to discuss what’s the best printing process for a print project feel free to call or email a Sharp Cat Account Manager.

Mailing material

Whatever you have in mind it’s worth asking. Sharp Cat Account Managers are experienced at fulfilling a very wide range of every day as well as obscure marketing requests.

Many clients like their material sourced because it saves time and cost, It also brings specialist trade products to their campaign.

The biggest advantage with Sharp Cat material sourcing is there’s no need to think about compatibility. A good example of this is mail machine enclosing where envelopes need to be the right specification.

Envelopes are the most common material bought in for clients. This ensures mailing compatibility, competitive rates and consistent quality.

Envelopes can be supplied with or without window, printed or plain and in any size. If an envelope isn’t available off the shelf then it can be manufactured as a custom size.

Other mailing material

Some of the standard items are listed below, but anything mail, print or presentation can be sourced. A wide range of colour and size specifications are available.

Envelopes, polylopes, book wrap, cartons, shredding, bubble wrap, exhibition accessories, ribbons, colour labels, presentation boxes, USB sticks, promotional items.

Free storage

For up and coming mailings Sharp Cat offers free of charge material storage. Material can be sent in or collected by Sharp Cat liveried vans. There’s no limit on how long material can be stored, if it is for a scheduled mailing.

Are you a regular mailer? If so, some of your regular material can be stored without cost. Stocked and ready to go for the next mailing comes round.

Do you have daily brochure requests? As a mail-fulfilment customer you can enjoy preferential rates for the storage of material that is being fulfilled.

Your message isn’t just in the words – the quality of print speaks volumes about your company as well. A good reason to work with all the reassurance of the latest postal and print innovations and the ecological integrity that a 21st century business expects.

Several unique advantages:


Combined print and mail. Streamline, time-saving and cost-efficient.


Save time and costs on print and postage with artwork compatibility checks.


Variable text, word and images. Laser, inkjet, litho and digital print.


The latest in variable colour images for envelopes. Clever tailoring of visual messages.


Personalise by text – letters, envelopes, booklets

Personalise by image – letters, envelopes, brochures, postcards

Print generically – letters, brochures, postcards, leaflets, newsletters

Print in colour and mono, all formats, all sizes, all finishes 

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Do you need an assured GDPR mailing house that will produce your mail professionally, meeting deadlines and requirements? Or do you just want to check that you are getting the best mail service from your current mail house?

Find out by emailing for a quotation. Or if you prefer the telephone then call 01256 740 577 and speak with a friendly Account Manager.

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