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Give your communication a powerful advantage by combing cutting-edge mailing with high quality laser print services, inkjet, digital and litho.

There’s no longer any need for the added complexity and expense of separate print services. Instead you can opt for efficient mailing combined with print services of uncompromising quality in one single order.



Digital print is perfect for low-volume runs and has the added option of personalisation too. With mail-flexible diversity plus a high-quality finish, digital print services make an ideal choice for many business mailings.

Digital print has very specific advantages:

•    Prints only the quantity you need, keeps wastage low.
•    Changes designs with ease, letterhead versions are altered in a cost-effective way.
•    Is more flexible than laser printing services because formats other than flat sheets can be personalised.
•    Lets you enjoy easy low cost run-ons as extra copies can be ordered from archives quickly and economically.
•    Benefits from a low unit price for short print runs when compared with litho printing.

Digital printing is a sound choice for smart, professional print that adapts readily to changing business needs. Add to this short print runs and digital is usually the best choice for a snappy and economic low quantity print solution.

Variable data printing services have the latest in clever personalisation techniques. Because variable data print offers fully personalised print this makes communication feel more unique.  And individually personalised communications presented in the right way offer potentially higher mail responses.

Modern personalisation is now provided in the form of images as well as text and data variables. This means that individual letters, envelopes or mailers can be visually customised in a powerful way. If each recipient has an image as well as text tailored to them this is a strong visual message. Customisation has many options. Custom by text, logo, images or colour preference for each recipient to receive a communication message that is most relevant to them.  Studies show that relevance significantly increases the likelihood of communications being read and acted upon.  This is because meaningful personalisation helps readers to connect, making them more receptive to what they are seeing.

Variable digital data printing has another advantage which is versatility. Because variable digital can be used for many media like booklets, flyers, CD wallets, envelopes, newsletters, folders, the flexibility is wide.  Digital data is the perfect print process for today’s media-savvy audience, as it makes the most of what technology has to offer.

Variable data printing is especially suited to small quantity, highly targeted mailing campaigns. The higher unit cost of smaller mailing campaigns are offset by the benefit of a potentially higher response percentages. This advantage is further increased with digital as it offers a cost effective per unit solution.

If you would like to see some physical examples of digital data print simply email with your name, company website and office location. Examples will arrive promptly in the post.

Inkjet printing is the most versatile process on the market for printing personalised data onto a wide range of material.

Inkjet printing is therefore the natural choice for personalising tricky print.  Booklets, card of varying thicknesses, sizes and shapes are all accommodated by this versatile process.  Silk and even glossy media are printed by utilising the correct specialist inks. And if you want to be certain of inkjet compatibility Sharp Cat will gladly supply the printed material for you.

The most common use for Sharp Cat inkjet printing services is the addressing of envelopes.  Excellent quality from HP inks gives a professional personalised finish to mail. If you would like to see for yourself simply email for some free of charge samples. Choose from mono, single colour or full colour if you would like to see the superior quality of the new M1 technology. In addition if you would like to see some standard quality mono inkjet ask for A1 inkjet.

Colour inkjet from M1 technology provides brilliant quality, plus the opportunity to bleed the artwork right up to the edge. This means that the cost of short run full colour envelopes is now well within budget reach. M1 also has a superior print quality well above the standard of commonly used inkjet. The quality is so good that it is comparable to laser printing services.

If you don’t want full colour artwork then the use of single colour helps stress a message on your envelope. Messages may be generated by mail campaign or by type of recipient. Messages can also be made unique to each individual recipients potentially boosting opening rates.

For pictorial personalisation why not consider variable image printing? This clever technology personalises each envelope by image as well as text.

Laser print services provide a high-quality, personalised option that is ideal for letters as well as paper single sheet stationery.  Crisp text and images from high-end Xerox and Lexmark machines make for a professional finish to your personalised laser print letters. Additionally other flat sheets are are suitable too, sizes from A6 to A3.

Laser print services are commonly used for making up financial reports, functional informational booklets and simple flyers. The most popular use is the letter format. In addition with full colour options letterhead can be produced at the same time as text printing. Combining letter and letterhead into one print run brings cost savings and wastage reduction for small quantities. Moreover printing the two in one process is much faster than printing letterhead separately and then personalising on top.

Laser print services has the flexibility to increase standard personalisation plus include extra personalised variables at no additional cost. Some letters have complex financial, personal or business details to be added. These are easily set up as well as standard contact address, reference number and postcode data fields. Because Sharp Cat is experienced in setting up complex texts multiple data variables are included at the same price.

As with all personalised print, we email proofs and job plans for your approval to go ahead. Account Manager’s are on the look out for author errors. It’s easy for simple errors to slip through. That’s why we let you know if we see any potential mistakes in your laser print copy. Furthermore if you have changes to make that’s all part of the service. We want you to be happy with your finished laser print hence there is no extra charge for making your changes or re-proofing.

Lithographic printing, the workhorse of printing services for many years is a top quality print process. Modern litho print technology produces consistently beautiful print using modern computer-to-plate technology. Some of the most well used items are booklets, leaflets, flyers, mailers, folders, newsletters and postcards.

The choice of printed items comes in a range of finishes and formats allowing more creativity with artwork than ever.

If your project requires longer generic print runs then litho printing remains the best choice. This is because litho is the leader on both quality and cost for longer non-personalised print runs.

If you would like to find out which is the best printing process for your particular project feel free to make contact. We have a team of friendly Account Managers who are very happy to give you free of charge professional advice.

Envelopes, polylopes, wrap, cartons, shredding, packaging, exhibition accessories and presentational add-ons are all available in a comprehensive range of colours and types. Whatever you have in mind please just ask. Sharp Cat Account Managers are experienced at fulfilling a very wide range of common as well as obscure marketing requests.

Often clients like their material sourced so as to save time and cost as well as bringing specialist trade products to their campaign. Envelopes are the most common material bought with trade compatibility, rates and quality. The envelope range has all the standard sizes and types, with or without window, unprinted, custom inkjet, litho or flexo printed.  Custom sizes are manufactured too.

The biggest advantage with Sharp Cat material sourcing is that Client’s don’t have to think about compatibility. A good example of this is direct mail machine enclosing where envelopes are of a specific specification for mail machines. Or laser print services where papers and paper perforations need to conform for laser compatibility.

With direct mail and with larger mailings in particular, storage costs rack up and add pressure to budgets. This is one of the reasons that Sharp Cat offers free of charge material storage for your up and coming mailings.

In particular laser print services provides free of charge storage for 20,000 letterhead per client. Other clients choose to make the most of digital printing services. By having letterhead printed to order, at the same time as personalisation there is no need for storage.

Are you a regular mailer? If so, some of your long term regular usage material can be stored without cost. Free storage helps clients be stocked and ready to go for the next mailing comes round.

Do you have daily brochure requests? Enjoy preferential rates for the storage of the material that is being sent out for you.

Your message isn’t just in the words – the quality of print speaks volumes about your company as well. A good reason to work with all the reassurance of the latest postal and print innovations and the ecological integrity that a 21st century business expects.

Several unique advantages:


Combined print and mail with just a single company to contact. Streamline, time-saving and cost-efficient.


Artwork compatibility checks on print and postage save time and costs from the start.


Personalisation. No personalisation. Variable text, word and images. laser printing services, inkjet, litho and digital.


The latest in variable colour images for envelopes. Clever tailoring of visual messages by customer type.


Personalise by text – letters, envelopes, booklets

Personalise by image – letters, envelopes, brochures, postcards

Print generically – letters, brochures, postcards, leaflets, newsletters

Print in colour and mono, all formats, all sizes, all finishes 

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