3 MORE Free Sharp Cat Services You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

At Sharp Cat, we aim to deliver more for your money to ensure you are getting the best value mailings. Following our last article, where we highlighted just a few of the perks that can make your campaign worthwhile, we still have some unique services that you need to know about before choosing your mailing house!

Account Managers

Have you ever found it troublesome to get in contact with your supplier? As standard, every client receives 2 Account Managers so you will always have someone to communicate with throughout your mailing.

Double the Account Managers also means double the expertise; with continuous communication, they’re available to provide their insights through every step of your project to help you reach your marketing objective.

Mail Opt Out & Returns Handling

A cluttered office means a cluttered mind! Don’t let returned mailings affect your productivity when we can provide a painless return handling process that is GDPR complaint and maintains good customer relations – all without you lifting a finger!

Simply opt-in to return management and we will handle undeliverable or returned mail. We supply monthly updates where you can see what has been sent back and the reason for return.

Pallet Recycling Scheme

Sharp Cat operates a unique recycling scheme offering delivery pallets to the community. Repurposing everyday items gives you a unique piece of furniture that can be sized to fit any nook or cranny, so you’ll finish with something that’s tailored to you.

Some of our residents have sent in photos that exhibit their creative side, showing how a bit of imagination and a lick of paint goes a long way! Call us on 0333 772 0946 if you’d like to enquire about available empty pallets.

Sharp Cat has a wealth of print and mail information to share plus a variety of added value services. To find out how we can tailor your campaigns to meet your marketing needs, email mail@sharpcat.co.uk or give us a call on 0333 772 0946.


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