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Whichever type of mail service you are looking for and whatever you call it, the job of a professional mailing house is to produce your print and mail to the dates and the finished look that you want.

If you want plenty of advice along the way then you are in the right place. If you want very little interaction and to simply provide your requirement details, you are also in the the right place. Either way your mail will receive the same high level of service through print, data, production and posting systems.IMG_3187


Is your mail urgent or has there been a change of plan? Maybe you had to delay because a web page, product, service, actor, guest or venue was not ready. Perhaps you just want your mailing to be posted as soon as possible. And now it’s full speed ahead.

Either way the stress associated with the need for an urgent mailout is stressful. This is one of the reasons that Sharp Cat’s direct mail services have perfected the same day turnaround. Systems and people are highly responsive to changes of plan and urgent requests. And as a result you get your mailing printed, produced and posted in record time.

Same Day Mailing

Businesses today require reactive supply partners who will efficiently fulfil requests. Sharp Cat works with multiple clients who book in mailings during the morning for mailing out the same day. Same day mailings follow the same stringent system as all other postings. Data is processed, proofs produced, personalisation printed and material collated. All to system led procedures coordinated by highly organised Account Managers.

What’s more, there’s usually no extra cost for same day mailing.

Flexible – Choose One or Some of the Services

Any direct mail services can be chosen on their own. Or they can be selected together as the complete package of design, mail, data, print and post. This means that you still receive the same high standard of production whether you select all the items or just one.

Mailing Advice

If you are the early stages of planning and would like some information why not ask? Please get in touch with an Account Manager on 01256 740 577 for all the advice that you require. You can feel assured that the Account Manager’s at Sharp Cat are always happy to quote and to re-quote. Just as many times as your mailing project requires.

Direct Mail Services

The complete direct mail services comprise design, print services, data printing, mail production, postage, responses and recycling.  

Machine Enclosing and Hand Fulfilment

All mail is either hand enclosed or machine enclosed. Machine enclosing provides speed, efficiency and price advantages whereas hand enclosing offers a limitless assembly process. Within the realms of any physical format that is suitable for posting, all manner of items can be hand assembled. The means that hand fulfilment is ideal for unconstrained creativity. Whereas machine enclosing is ideal for standard format letter size mailings.

Machine enclosing – up to 10 inserts per pack.
Matching – 100% match guaranteed.
Hand enclosing – all formats.
Folding – endorsed formats and multi pages.
Finishing – tabbing, stapling, binding, adhering, assembling, nesting, boxing, wrapping, dividing.

Direct mail fulfilment services have the same eco-friendly commitment as print. The Recycle Now logo is provided on envelopes as standard. In addition Royal Mail green, sustainable mail products apply to qualifying advertising mail.

Over the past decade there has been a surge in the popularity of door drops – and for good reason. Not simply about leaflet distribution, door drop direct mail services also include non addressed envelopes, brochures and postcards.

Door drop is an attractive option to blanket reach customers. This is because it gets messages into homes in a more powerful way than the background noise of other types of advertising.

• When the exact same marketing material is delivered as inserts in magazines and newspapers it is much more commonly thrown away without being read.

• Door drops containing offers or useful information get people to respond positively.

• Geographically targeted door drops define households that are more likely to be responsive to a localised message.

• Lower postal costs make door drop hand-delivery particularly attractive for larger quantities.

Conventional post imposes limits on artistic possibilities because text and images can only be used in prescribed ways. This contrasts with door drop where you can be more creative. With this extra creativity comes the freedom to create more outstanding effects to grab the attention of readers.

City Centre Deliveries

For destined for London or densely populated town centres there’s one point to note. Because of difficult to access city apartments and complexes conventional mail is the far better option. Royal Mail has complete access to all the delivery points in the UK whereas non Royal Mail hand deliveries do not.

Sharp Cat’s door drop service provides the complete package under one roof. In one convenient order bulk communications are printed, prepared and delivered straight into regions across the UK.

To find out about door drop for your company or discuss the direct mail services which best suit your campaign, contact Sharp Cat.

Despite the rise of electronic communication organisations still have plenty of daily physical mail to send out. This costs money. And takes time.

What businesses might not realise about day-to-day mailings from the office is that they can be:
• An inefficient use of employees’ time.
• Expensive for printing and printer consumables.
• More costly for postage – franking is not always cheapest.
• Low on quality control and without an audit trail.

Wouldn’t it be great if your office post could be handled as easily as email?


Hybrid mail allows you and your colleagues to create A4 business documents, then send them in a click to Sharp Cat. Here they are printed, folded, enclosed and posted. As a result you get all the efficiency, quality enhancements and cost savings that come with a professional direct mail services provider. Without leaving your desk.

Quick and easy is an understatement. Once set up hybrid mail revolutionises conventional mailing for business.

Hybrid mail has huge benefits:

• Lowers printing costs – desktop printing is less cost-efficient.
• Cuts postage costs – trade mailing services secure better rates than franking machines.
• Reduces errors – certain auto checks can be made for you.
• Increases productivity – frees up your office to do more constructive tasks.
• Improves the consistency of quality – office printers can vary.
• Saves frustration – no more printer jams.
• Accounts for business data – now you have a clear audit trail.

Hybrid mail is the future of daily business post. So if you’re looking for savings, efficiency and increased productivity, this could be the answer for you.

The one thing most clients want from a direct mail campaign is a great customer response. But this in turn can place an especially huge pressure on a company’s operations. Because successful direct mail creates sudden surges in demand, even the most experienced companies can find themselves with backlogs or queues.

Direct mail services, response handling helps businesses deal with demand through their preferred channels. Demand may be extraordinary or expected. It may be an overflow for own response mechanisms or for an entire outsourced response service. Response channels include post, email, SMS, the web, telephone, voicemail and IVR. Each service ensures that respondents benefit from fully responsive, professional attention.

Response services come with access to response data through a secure online portal. This means that you can view activity and make decisions, such as ordering more stock on line. 24/7 at your own convenience.

Direct Mail Services for Response Handling:

• Provide an overflow resource.
• Impress responders with a fast, efficient and professional service.
• Keep response handling operations under control.
• Help manage stock levels.
• Are cost effective.

It seems like there are always work distractions to attend to. It therefore makes sense to have a direct mail services supplier that you can rely upon. Especially one that provides you with all the after-mail follow up information you need in order to save you time.

Sharp Cat understands the pressures of 21st century business. This is why the Support Team provide you with a complete mail management service. From the moment you make contact about your direct mail campaign, Sharp Cat takes the weight off your shoulders.

First of all by managing the entire process for you. Secondly by keeping you in control. You’re always kept progress informed, letting you get on with your other business.

You always have two named Account Managers to talk with or correspond to. As a result there are always two active direct mail heads taking care of your mailing.

Direct Mail Services Management Reporting

Client’s tell us that whilst they might not want to get involved with time consuming detail they do want to see proofing details. They also want to know that their mail production is on schedule. This is why during the production of your mailing you receive proofs for approval, a timeline and a full Job Plan.

Some clients prefer their Sharp Cat Account Manager to take care of proofing sign off on their behalf. This is especially the case for client’s with regular same format mailings. So this is an option too, if you’re a client who likes to have the proofing responsibility taken care of on your behalf.

In addition extra features are also included as part of the direct mail service:

Track-Pack Monitoring

Records selected packs in your posting from collection day to delivery date. This helps you to monitor posting speed and gauge response handling accordingly.

Stock Management

Keeps a tab on your mailing material online or via email.

PIRS Posting Report

Summarises all the important details about your mailing. Comes complete with colour images of your inserts and the finished pack.

A Tree for Life

Plants a free tree planted into the Trees for Life forest restoration scheme. One tree is planted completely free with every mailing project. Updates you with how many trees your mailings have planted.

Easy Returns Handling

Provides free of charge returns in one convenient Excel or CSV file. Applies to all postal returns that are sent directly to the Sharp Cat Postal Administration facility. The reason for return as well as the contact details is supplied.

One of the most popular direct mail services is fulfilling brochure requests. And brochure requests are a valuable source of potential business since recipients have specifically requested information. As a result it is vital that requests are promptly received and nicely presented.

Although extremely popular, online viewing is no substitute for receiving a physical brochure. Above all many people simply enjoy the experience of having a company brochure as well as online viewing.

The physical experience of leafing through a requested brochure in the comfort of your own home is unique. Likewise there are times when people in business also like to receive hard copy information to read through.

There’s a number of advantages in having company brochures sent out by a qualified mailing house:

Fast arrival. Brochures despatch quickly. Choose from same day or next day from date of request.
More room. Brochures and literature are stored away from your office. Clutter reduces and space is saved.
Consistent look. The mail pack is presented the same way. To a high standard every time.
Useful information. Activity reports arrive at your desk. Easy to read summary figures about despatches.
Less UK postage. Rates are significantly cheaper than stamps. And better than franking machines too.
Even less international postage. At least 20% off standard franking rates.

Direct Mail Fact

People of all ages read and respond to mail.

During natural life changes, they respond in different ways, with important implications for brands, institutions and other organisations.

Mailmen 2016

Several unique advantages:


You can hold, it, read it, recycle it or keep it. Whatever it is that you decide to do there is a physical action between recipient and mail.


Than with other media – tweets, Facebook, television ads, radio ads and email bombard in profusion every day. The average email receipt per day is x147 – and around x71 of these are deleted within 3.2 seconds of viewing.


People that receive mail ‘remember more and experience higher levels of emotional engagement’ (MarketReach).  Good for your communication and good for you.


Direct mail responses are boosted by running email alongside. And email responses are significantly increased by running parallel direct mail.


Due to demand proof reading is specifically available as an add on service. Checking literature for spelling and grammar is a low cost service that gives a great deal of peace of mind.

Sometimes errors pass unnoticed by many eyes within client departments. This easily happens due to being too close to material. The common errors found tend to be mis-spelling of strap lines on envelopes and the incorrect day of the week or year against event dates. Similarly, wrongly cased letter closes like ‘Yours Sincerely’ are not unusual.

Proof reading offers a sure advantage when errors are detected before mail goes into the postal system.

After your post is safely out for delivery a posting report is sent to you. The report summarises all of the important facts and figures about your mailing. Clients say that they particularly like the visual data map detailing the spread of each mailing. They also like the images of the items posted and pack front.

In the meantime your Account Manager takes care of your residue material. Items are assigned back into stock, for recycling, returned to you or sent on a tracked delivery to a destination of your choice.

What are returns?

Mailing returns are an under rated, but valuable source of data!

Updating returns raises the integrity of your data whilst keeping marketing costs and environmental waste down. Dealing promptly with returns also helps meet a part of data protection obligations. What’s more promptly removing returns offers you immediate savings on your next mailing to the same database.

For these good reasons Sharp Cat provides a completely free of charge returns option for all mailings. Included within this valuable service is a postal returns address, incoming post sortation and data capturing. The contact information including the reason for return is supplied. All in a convenient electronic file so that your database can easily be updated.

It’s a little known fact that every mailing is subject to wrecks and spoils during the production process. This even happens when hand enclosed. So it’s important that every single production spoil is reproduced so that 100% of your mailing is distributed.

You probably haven’t had a reason to consider what happens to your mailing wrecks and spoils. Do they get reproduced or left out of the mailing? The ones that are left out could potentially be respondents.

Ensure that every potential respondent is mailed by working with a 100% reprint, 100% post direct mail service.

Some of Our Work

Sharp Cat provides direct mail services for hundreds of businesses across thousands of mailing projects. Whether you need to create a campaign from design upwards or are simply looking for a credible mailing house, we are confident that you and your team will be happy with the results.

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