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As a responsible company you want to make it easy for your mailing audience to opt in or out of your database.  Sharp Cat is one of the only Mailing Houses in the UK to have a dedicated opt out web site available for all clients to utilise free of charge. enables business people and consumers to easily communicate their mail preferences.

Registering with the Sharp Cat Mail Opt Out scheme is one of the single most effective measures that individuals on your database can take to reduce their unwanted mail. This free preference service allows addressees to unsubscribe from the database used to mail them.  Using the mail code printed on the envelope they have the choice to opt out from all data lists held by you or just one that is specific to a type of mail.  Any future mailings you carry out will exclude these addresses.  The opt out takes around 2 weeks before it is fully effective. Each addressee remains on the opt out list until notified to opt back in.



All returned mail arriving at Sharp Cat is physically counted and logged. Clients then have the choice of having returns data captured for free each month. Captures includes the reason for return. The data captured is sent to clients if required as well as being used as a suppression file against next mailings.

  • Return To Sender - Gone Away
  • Address Incomplete
  • No Such Address
  • Deceased
  • Mail Opt Out Request - GDPR
  • Address Inaccessible
  • Gone Away

Would you like your postal returns data captured?

If yes – capture is free of charge and you will be supplied with a CSV file so that your central database can be updated.

A Gone Away Gateway Suppression file will also be created. This holds all your returns data so that any future mailings can be checked against it. This file is both encrypted and secure. Benefits of this service include:

o Postage and material cost savings since gone away records will not be mailed
o A suppression buffer, giving you time to update your own CRM
o Retention of a good company reputation
o Office space that is free from the clutter of old post

If no – nothing further will happen. The returns will just be shredded and recycled.

A point to note, mailing without permission to anyone registered on a mailing preference service is not data compliant and risks a fine. This is especially important with the tightening of data protection, when European GDPR is implemented May 2018.

Finally, it’s in everyone’s interest to have an effective mail opt out solution plus effective returns handling. Databases that register Mail Opt Outs increase the per unit value of the recipients left. Get data right and you’ll have precision-focused mailing that delivers results.


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