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Email – Get Better Mail Results

Did you know that mail works better with email? And that email works better when used in conjunction with mail?

This is one of the reasons that email marketing has grown hugely in recent years and is a vital component in a strong promotional strategy. However keeping up-to-date contacts with thorough permissions updates is difficult.  Email contact lists decay even more rapidly than printed mailing lists. Decay affects not only the efficiency, but also the legality of client campaigns.

On top of decay there’s now a profusion of spam entering email boxes. This means that unless you have the right controls a large proportion of emails are rejected by filters and firewalls. The result of rejections is that large amounts of legitimate campaign email do not reach their inbox destination.

These issues can be corrected by good management of email campaigns coupled with propriety software. The service has techniques designed to get a high percentage of email through. You receive reports on the success rates for arrival and opening. As well as this the email service continually process updates in order to match the pace of change in electronic technology.

Email Services

Email opt outs runs your lists against the email preference scheme to check and remove anyone who has declined to receive marketing emails.

This service includes a match on your own opt-out lists. Or if you don’t already have this important facility in place it is optionally available.

If you need some creative advice we can help. Draw on effective ways to structure and word your emails, making it more likely they’ll be opened and acted on. Receive help with images, sound and video, ensure that your email looks the way you want no matter how it’s being viewed. Utilise the convert text to HTML facility.

Include an online landing page or micro-site built around your specific product or service to improve your chances of conversion. Micro pages are great for when you want prospects to click through to a specific promotion. Increase campaign responses with email – get better mail results by sending a supporting message to inboxes. It’s easy to add this cost effective response booster, talk to Sharp Cat about your requirements.

Receive detailed information about successful receipts and bounce backs. Find out which people read your message and followed your links.  See which emails were blocked by spam filters.

This comprehensive email marketing service means your campaigns are efficient, cost-effective and legal whilst maximising your chances of a positive response.

Mail plus email – get better mail results by having both.

Email generates stronger results when working in conjunction with posted mail and posted mail is strengthened by utilising email alongside.

As researched by

MailTrax Email Management


Access and edit your email lists online, easily and quickly


View the data for all your previous campaigns.


Manage your unsubscribers from current or previous email campaigns


View live reports on campaigns; see who opened your mail, what they clicked and what your bounce back figures are.

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Sharp Cat is a trusted direct marketing provider for hundreds of satisfied businesses across thousands of quality projects. With regular referrals and positive client feedback we work flexibly to fulfil print and mail requirements. Are you are looking to change mailing house or do you simply want to check that you are getting the best service? Whether you are new to mail or a seasoned specialist we are confident that you and your team will be happy with the results.

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