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Sharp Cat international post provides competitive prices, even for very small quantities of European and Rest of World mail.

Last Posting Dates Christmas 2018

International post with 20%-50% savings

With at least 20% off Air Mail rates there’s savings of at least 20 pence on a letter and 45 pence on a Large Letter to Europe. Even if your company is only posting a handful of items then savings can usually be made.

How is international post cheaper?

Because Sharp Cat buys international post in bulk the postage is sold at lower rates than by buying direct with Royal Mail. Postal budgets can be cut by anything from a fifth to a half when compared with Royal Mail Air Mail franking. Same reliable service, plus cheaper prices.

Easy to use

International post can be bought on it’s own or with other international mailing services. Some companies have pre-filled envelopes that are ready to post out and that’s the only service required, whereas others are looking for printing and enclosing as well.

If you want your mail printing as well as posting Sharp Cat can improve the deliver-ability. As well as looking better, updates to the formatting of country address fields helps increase the chances of being delivered. This can be especially important in countries like Germany where the standards for addressing post are very high.

Trusted service

Because Sharp Cat has been posting overseas mailings since 2003 it’s an integral part of international mail services.

Clients receive a listing of all of the countries posted and the quantity.

If Sharp Cat is  also preparing the mail as well as posting it then clients also get the additional benefit of a PIRS posting report and other mail services extras.

Posting Within the UK Posting Within the UK

From just 10 items:

20 pence cost saving per Letter

From just 10 items:

45 pence cost saving per Large Letter

Some of Our Work

Do you need an assured GDPR mailing house that will produce your mail professionally, meeting deadlines and requirements? Or do you just want to check that you are getting the best mail service from your current mail house?

Find out by emailing for a quotation. Or if you prefer the telephone then call 01256 740 577 and speak with a friendly Account Manager.

What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

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