3 FREE Sharp Cat Services You Probably Never Knew Existed!

In a digital world, businesses are torn between e-marketing or direct mail. It’s apparent that social media and emails reach a wide audience, but we are exposed to at least 4,000 ads each day![1] Have you engaged with your customer? Have you cut through the noise?

To make marketing campaigns as effective as possible we work with you to advise how to target the right audience. We can help you…

  • Produce powerful messages and designs
  • Print and produce engaging marketing material
  • Measure the success of your campaign.

1.    Eye Tracking Technology – scientific analysis of your creative

Eye tracking provides an insight into how customers are looking at your advertisement and how slight modifications to the creative can increase its effectiveness.[2] Following a reader’s eye movements through eye tracking technology explains how a mailing grabs our immediate attention; giving marketers that crucial insight into the customer’s perspective.

Heat maps provide a visual representation of what someone may be drawn to within the essential first few moments of your communication. Simply using different visuals or arrangements can have a significant effect on your customer’s response.

2.    Trees for Life – rewilding ancient forests

Sharp Cat makes it easy for everyone to be green! With each mailing sent out, a new tree is planted in the Trees for Life UK forest restoration project on your behalf.

We’ll keep you posted by giving you annual updates on the number of trees you’ve planted to show how your organisation is contributing to a better environment.

3.    Postal Information Reports (PIRs) – posting confirmation

Following your mailing, we provide a full postal information report as a permanent reference of the important statistics relating to your campaign. All PIRs will include:

  • A description and image of what was mailed
  • Valuable facts and figures about the data collected in your campaign
  • A visual map of the households and businesses receiving your mail
  • The number of trees you have indirectly planted
  • The option to add your own branding, so you can present your PIRs to clients

Click here to have a look at our sample PIRs!

The Catters team are here to enhance your marketing strategy through mail and aim for your campaign to get the best results possible; providing reports, case studies, statistics and research tools so you can produce mail that will engage with your customer. Best of all, all these services are free of charge!

[1] https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2017/08/25/finding-brand-success-in-the-digital-world/#295f249d626e

[2] https://dma.org.uk/article/focus-on-eye-tracking


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