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Partially Addressed Mail

Address only mail is good for advertisers prospecting to new customers. It’s also ideal for geographically based mailings such as consultations. A good example of one of these mailings is HS2 high-speed rail where communities have been contacted about structural proposals. Address only mail enables companies to carry out geographically targeted direct mail marketing without the use of personal data. It does this by addressing households using geo-demographics at postcode level (c.15 households).

Sharp Cat provides address only data that covers the whole of the UK via Geolist. Geolist works with Royal Mail PAF, Ordnance Survey and the ONS to provide household and business addresses without Personal Data. This mail is addressed to a household or a business instead of to individual people.

Royal Mail refers to address only Geolist data as ‘partially addressed mail’.


partially addressed mail

Royal Mail has carried out some testing on address only mail at a lower postal price than Advertising Mail. The result found is that for marketing purposes the ROI is just slightly higher than sending mail to addresses with personal names. Because of this Royal Mail is launching the trial of Royal Mail Partially Addressed Mail™. This has a price benefit of up to 4p per item discount as well as the usual Advertising Mail discount.

This new price started 8 November 2018 and a year-long trial is planned.

What are the rules for Partially Addressed Mail with the lower Royal Mail pricing?

To produce a Partially Addressed Mail posting, clients can use PAF data. They must exclude all personal data (i.e. Roberts’ household) and must mail complete postcodes (e.g. all of the addresses within EX5 7AW). Geolist  There is a minimum posting requirement of 10,000 items. meets all of the requirements of partially addressed mail.


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