Target Audience: The Importance of Appealing to Young Adults

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When starting a marketing campaign or even in the early stages of developing your product or service, it is vital that you choose a particular target audience to aim at.

Identifying a target market allows you to develop effective marketing communication strategies which will overall maximise the success of your business. If you are struggling to choose a target audience, you may want to start aiming your product at the youth and young adults. Young people are some of the most easily influenced individuals out there and catering your marketing strategy to appeal to them is likely to bring you success.

An example of the influence on young people bringing success is the general election result. The Labour party decided they were to focus on the younger generation through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Because of this, it is believed that they are at least partially responsible for the huge turnout of young people voting. Early reports suggesting that as many as 72%1 of young people voted in this general election.

Although Labour did not win a majority in parliament, a poll created by Lord Ashcroft (which surveyed over 14,000 people) found that a majority of young people – aged 18 to 24 – voted for Labour. Only 18%2 of people aged 18 to 24 voted Conservative whilst a massive 67% of the youth voted for Labour. Appealing to younger people is one of the main factors that contributed to Labour gaining thirty more seats this year.


In the same way that young people were influenced to vote for Labour, your business can influence young people into buying your products or services. Apple is one such company that has been known to specifically target youth with their products (namely the iPhone 7).

This advertisement depicts how a young adult uses the iPhone 7 throughout daily life, whilst also showcasing some of the phones new features such as its water resistivity. Using a young person in the advertisement allows the audience of young people to see how they could use this Apple product and helps them to imagine how it could fit into their lives. This type of advertising has created an increase in the desire to own such an iPhone amongst young people and was also enough to help them reach the top spot in the global smartphone market in 20163, saving them from the decline they were experiencing earlier in the year.

If you feel your business’s product or service could be aimed at young people, you should seriously consider catering your marketing campaign towards them. This can be done several ways: Firstly, young people live and breathe on social media. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you have social media account for your business on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Secondly, as I’ve mentioned in a previous article, you could greatly increase the amount of young people you influence by paying a celebrity to endorse your product. Not only will this immediately increase sales, it will also increase your followers which will allow you to have a bigger influence on the youth in the future. Finally, you must try to relate with your audience. This can be done numerous ways, such as by keeping up with current trends on social media and by creating a campaign around those. By following these steps, you and your company will be on their way to a more successful future.







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