Non-Addressed Mail, Partially Addressed Mail

Non-addressed mail comes in 2 key formats. Door Drops (for instance leaflet distribution) have no addressee at all and Geolist has a generic addressee, for instance ‘The Resident’. For this reason Royal Mail refers to Geolist as ‘partially addressed mail’.

Door drops: Using a generic printed item. Post it through a series of letterboxes in a given general area.

  • Pros – Cheap way of getting a volume message to an area.
  • Cons – Area can be quite large, not personalised
  • Minimum quantities can be high
  • Conversion rates can be low Using an address only with a generic addressee, for instance ‘The Householder’ Post to a series of letterboxes into specific areas.

  • Pros – Target exact addresses
  • Delivered by Royal Mail
  • Low quantities can be selected – as little as 10 items.
  • Conversion rates can be high compared with Door Drops
  • Cons – More expensive per item than Door Drops.
  • A GDPR compliant way to access new mailing data

Any delivery made by Royal Mail has the added advantage of 100% delivery to destination. This is as opposed to Door Drop or leaflet distribution where properties may be inaccessible. This is particularly true for complexes and flats where only Royal Mail has access keys.

This means that partially addressed mail is especially relevant for densely populated towns and cities.


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