Could Direct Mail Help Your Business?

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When you’re marketing a business, or advertising your latest product or discount, there are many different mediums to choose from. You could cold call, send out email newsletters, or even set up a stall at a local trade show. A popular choice is also direct mail, and it is likely to drop through any one of our letter boxes on any given day of the week, except Sunday. Direct mail can be an effective marketing tool for a business, but as with any other form of marketing, it needs to be well produced for good results.

One of the major benefits of direct mail is that you can be very detailed in the descriptions of your products or services, and can even include photographs. We see hundreds of adverts every day, many of which will quickly escape our memory. Unlike a small newspaper or magazine advert, direct mail gives you the chance to thoroughly “sell” your product to a reader, without the more traditional constraints.

5 Good Reasons to Add Direct Mail to Your Business

  • Direct mail is highly targeted and talks to recipients on a personal level.
  • Formats are versatile.
  • Direct Mail results are easily measured without complicated analysis.
  • Creating and producing a DM is straighforward and easy if you work with a good mailing company.
  • Direct Mail can be integrated with a number of other marketing medium.

Another plus for direct mail marketing is that it can be highly targeted. If you’re familiar with the demographics of your target audience, you can use statistics, past sales and mailing lists to apply your marketing campaign to those who are most likely to be interested. You may consider the age or gender of the addresses occupants, their household size and income, and even their profession. Certain products will appeal mainly to a particular gender or age range, for instance family activity holidays.

With text and photographs included, you’ll want to print your documentation in bulk. This means you’ll likely save by working with a specialised mailing company that can take care of all of the detail.

Direct mail can add tangible value to your marketing channels; highly targeted, relevant and correctly presented literature is great for attracting business.

Do you think direct mail is right for your business? Could you improve your sales and visibility by planning and executing a direct mail campaign?

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