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The Royal Mail Mailmark initiative is has already been trialled to a phase one and is being launched for a phase two in the summer of 2014, after a £70m investment into the technology and facilities to make this exciting new concept a reality. The system was previously known as Enterprise Intelligent Barcode, or EIB and will see new barcodes being printed onto any postage by businesses which have been selected for the next phase trial. Most of us will have come across barcodes on recorded delivery or net day items, so what’s so different about these new Mailmark’s™?

With letters and packages which have been allocated a unique barcode, the business user is now able to accurately track the delivery status of the item, anywhere within the Royal Mail network. A detailed digital front-end interface has been developed, providing complete transparency for you and your colleagues.

So, just how will Royal Mail Mailmark™ help your business? You’ll be able to keep track of average delivery durations, and the level of postage errors and returns, either through misinformation or customers moving house. Not only will these tools save you money, they’ll also improve the running of your business, for both you and your customers. With the improved transparency on delivery status you can accurately plan your delivery dates ahead of time. This means more accurate expectations for your customers, and less guesstimation for planning mail arrival dates.

For businesses using high volume direct mail marketing campaigns, the Royal Mail Mailmark™ will be an invaluable tool. It will enable you to easily calculate your ROI by using the provided statistics and your own sales figures. You’ll be able to accurately identify which geographical and demographical areas show the most sales potential and detailed information on errors and returns will allow you to fine-tune your mailing list.

The Royal Mail Mailmark is a welcome addition to our postal service, with similar technology already being successfully used in the United States. Their IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode) tracing provides detailed automated reports on the delivery status of business mail, and allows businesses to easily analyse response rates, address accuracy and delivery times.

Despite the business advantages offered by the new Royal Mail Mailmark, usage restrictions mean that only businesses which send over 30,000 letters per day are eligible to use the technology. However, small businesses can benefit from this new technology through mailing companies like Sharp Cat. Because all of our postings for customers can be counted, our limits for you are far lower than those set by Royal Mail, so you too can gain insight into the efficiency of your mailing and marketing processes, even if you’re not sending tens of thousands of letters every day. On top of this, you can have your documentation designed, printed and mailed under one roof, right here at Sharp Cat. This gives you more time to concentrate on the running of your business, while ensuring that your mail will be produced and delivered with maximum efficiency.

If your business sends out regular letters every day, whatever the volume, why not take advantage of the Royal Mail Mailmark system by getting in touch with Sharp Cat today?

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