Small Businesses, Why Direct Mail Gets Results

Few people read all their emails

Nowadays people obtain countless emails and with our already busy lives most of us do not read all of them. In fact when we receive unsolicited material from a company we often think it is spam and delete it straightaway; however direct mail has to be physically picked up and sorted by the householder before any decision is made.

65% of people like to browse before purchasing

Studies from Royal Mail, in 2014, show that 65% of people prefer to glance through a catalogue; before purchasing certain items. [2] By sending them direct mail marketing you can encourage them to view your website and browse online; 87% of potential customers were influenced into making an online purchase through direct mail. [3]

Mailing services and the mailing house

When you distribute direct mail in bulk, the postage becomes vastly cheaper making it much more cost effective. You can save additional money with marketing items such as one piece mailers, with these you can say goodbye to envelopes as they are no longer needed.

Therefore if your company is looking for a way to broaden their sales horizons; then direct mail marketing is the way to go. Not only is it cost effective when using a mailing service, it also gives you the opportunity to market your product to thousands of potential customers right there in their homes. Unlike email the householder will browse at it, even if they are going to recycle it immediately.

With an eye catching design and a tempting offer, who can resist?


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